SANTOSHA- practising yoga for mental health as well as physical.

Yogis are aware of the joys of positive thinking, whether it is in noticing beauty in the simple things around you, or finding the beauty inside others. It is also trusting in life, knowing that even in times of great challenge, there is a higher purpose which may or may not be revealed later. It is also taking responsibility for everything in our lives, not blaming outside forces for any perceived lack of success. One of the eight limbs of yoga ‘The Niyamas’, has a branch called Santosha, which is interpreted as total contentment with our life as it is right now, without feeling, ‘I’ll be happy when ‘x’ happens, or when I can buy ‘x’’. It is in finding the greatest happiness, the underlying joy that cannot be shaken by life’s tough moments, injustice, hardship or bad luck. Lets all decide to take full responsibility in being happy right now no matter what.