are you getting enough protein?

Both men and women should be mindful of their protein intake as they get older. As women enter the menopausal years, they start to lose […]

eggcellent news for egg lovers

EGGCELENT NEWS FOR EGG LOVERS (FREE RANGE OF COURSE!!!) Consuming just one egg a day reduces the risk of stroke by 12 percent, scientists say. […]

does yoga keep you young?

DOES YOGA REALLY KEEP YOU YOUNG? This article was published in ‘World of Knowledge’ magazine. For centuries, one technique has been used to stimulate the […]


SANTOSHA- practising yoga for mental health as well as physical. Yogis are aware of the joys of positive thinking, whether it is in noticing beauty […]

acid vs alkaline foods

Acid vs Alkaline Forming Foods There is quite a lot of talk at the moment around acid vs alkaline forming foods. For decades, natural health […]